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Milestones Achieved

  • 75 Goggles              Shipped
  • ​100 Test Tubes         Shipped
  • 24 Conical Flasks      Shipped
  • 500 Filter Papers      Shipped

                     2018 GOALS

​The NY Chapter believes the future of science begins today, so we need your help! Our 2018 goal is to purchase LED Microscopes for the Science Department. Your "One Small Thing" donation of $60.00 will make this a reality.





The Merl Grove High School Past Students’ Association NY Chapter is on a journey to modernize and upgrade the Science Department at Merl Grove High School in Jamaica. This project will be ongoing and the success of it will be made possible through fundraising, matching funds and your generous donations. Our goal this year is to raise US$20,000

These funds will go towards building fume hood station and teacher's platform for the chemistry  laboratory, binocular microscopes, computer equipment, safety goggles and storage cabinets, laminators, test tubes, conical flasks and filter paper. “Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.” The vision of the NY Chapter is to bring MGHS laboratories and hence its students into the 21st century. Modernizing the labs will ensure our young sisters a rounded education in areas where they can compete as they enter fields and related careers associated with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The world has become more of a global market place and by the time a student is ready to enter the work force, they must have enough knowledge to make invaluable contributions to STEM industries.

What part can you play in all this? By giving back to the alma mater through your generous donations, matching employee funds and actively participating in our fundraisers you can make a world of difference. MGHS has made great academic strides over the years. Let’s help them to continue to grow by joining together to modernize our Science Department and assuring our sisters quality and accessible education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).