The Robotics Club is now a reality at MGHS. Under the stewardship of Dean Slyvester the club was formed in 2017.


  • Promote learning of hard and soft STEM skills
  • Promote team work
  • Inspire creativity
  • Increase management skills
  • Help students realize their passion

The NY Chapter is committed to supporting the club by providing the necessary kits.


The NY Chapter Annual Fill-A-Backpack Drive will run over the months of May to August.  With your generous donations of backpacks and school supplies we will be able to give invaluable tools to the current student body to use to succeed in the classroom.

Our goal for the “Fill-A-Backpack”Drive is very simple, but powerful; to help MGHS current student body to start the school year with the right tools and something to carry them in. With these in hand, they can walk out the door each morning with a sense of pride – excited about the day ahead.



Will provide a Backpack with our Basic School Supply Kit
Although cash donations go the furthest, because they enable bulk purchases, we welcome donations of supplies that you pick up while shopping for your own children.

Backpacks, supplies, and donations will be collected from May 1, to the 2nd Saturday in August  each year and at our Annual Family Fun Day Picnic. 


The NY Chapter is proud to support MGHS School Breakfast Program. We want to help give our little sisters a healthy start to their day.

A healthy breakfast will help them stay focused during the school day, which is why the NY Chapter wants to help. Our goal is to support 25 students receive a nutritious breakfast.
  Per student for the school year

Through your generosity,  we can do just that!
Help us make a difference, one breakfast at a time!


​Over the period of its existence, the Merl Grove High School Past Students’ Association NY Chapter Inc. will be awarding scholarships to students attending Merl Grove High School in the name of one its revered and beloved principal, Mrs. Ellorine Walker, who meets the criteria’s set forth below.  Mrs. Walker was Merl Grove’s principal from 1969 to 1980.  During her tenor, she expanded Merl Grove High by not only purchasing more land and extending the school, but also introducing the double shift, allowing more young ladies to get a stellar high school education.  Mrs. Walker was well known for her impeccable mannerisms and lady like qualities.  She brought to Merl Grove an undeniable comradeship, high expectations and team spirit.  The Ellorine Walker Scholarship is therefore being established in remembrance of all that Mrs. Walker represented to past, present and future Merlgrovians.  


Similar to our scholarship program, our monetary vouchers was implemented in 2012 to help students in need. These vouchers cover the cost of tuitions and uniforms.  In 2012 we issued 8 vouchers for uniforms and 3 for tuitions. We would like to implement this program once again for the upcoming school year. 


Each year the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations Inc. USA (UJAA) recognizes high school graduates of Jamaican lineage for their hard work in receiving a high school diploma.  This is a perfect opportunity for the NY Chapter to fulfill our 501 (c) 3 requirement of   giving back to the local community in which we reside.  We would like to establish a $500.00 award for a female high school graduate who is heading to college with a science major. 


With several years of dedicated service to our alma mater and our community here in New York, the NY Chapter enters each new year with renewed vigor for service.  The Executive Committee is invigorated with our purpose as we accept the challenge of moving forward with our programs and projects.  We seek to foster new partnerships and opportunities for both our members and MGHS to collectively work together to improve the life of our little sisters and our community.​ 

Please help us to continue to make an impact at our alma mater by using the buttons below to make a donation!

MGHS PSA NY Chapter Banner


The Merl Grove High School Past Students' Association NY Chapter is committed in its partnership with Merl Grove High School in developing widely educated, highly skilled and adaptable young women to be successful citizens, who will significantly make an impact in the communities they serve – locally, nationally and globally.  It is with this objective in mind  that we join our Canadian Sisters in supporting the Emerging Global Leadership Club, steward by Ms. Keisha Page. 

For the past two (2) years the Chapter has sponsored students to this summer workshop facilitated  by the Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (AJAA) from Toronto in conjunction with the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (USA)UJAA.

Your donation will help us to continue to inspire, nurture, empower, develop and grow high potential leaders of the future!