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Over the period of its existence, the Merl Grove High School Past Students’ Association NY Chapter Inc. will be awarding scholarships to students attending Merl Grove High School in the name of one its revered and beloved principal, Mrs. Ellorine Walker. She was Merl Grove’s principal from 1969 to 1980.  During her tenor, she expanded Merl Grove High by not only purchasing more land and extending the school, but also introducing the double shift, allowing more young ladies to get a stellar high school education.  Mrs. Walker was well known for her impeccable mannerisms and lady like qualities.  She brought to Merl Grove an undeniable comradeship, high expectations and team spirit.  The Ellorine Walker Scholarship is therefore being established in remembrance of all that Mrs. Walker represented to past, present and future Merlgrovians

2016 Elorine Walker Recipients Graduates